The Bartramian Audubon Society is a local chapter of the National Audubon Society.

Membership in the National Audubon Society includes a free membership in your local chapter. If you live in Western Pennsylvania, and already receive Audubon magazine, your local chapter is the Bartramian Audubon Society. An introductory membership for the first year for both societies is $20. With this membership you will receive Audubon magazine, and Upland Informer, the newsletter of the Bartramian Audubon Society. The Upland Informer has detailed information on all the activities of BAS, including details for meetings and field trips, bird sightings, conservation news, and more. To subscribe :

Send a check or money order of $20, payable to National Audubon Society, along with your name and mailing address including zip code and please include our chapter code (U18), directly to:
National Audubon Society

Membership Data Center

PO Box 422250
Palm Coast, FL 32142-2250

Want to just go local?

Associate Membership is available for the Bartramian Audubon Society for a $15.00 fee, includes our newsletter the Upland Informer.

Make checks out to Bartramian Audubon Society & send to:

Bartramian Audubon Society

P.O. Box 315

Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Include an email address if you would like to get the newsletter electronically.

Contact Russ States at 814-676-6320 or for any questions.

We also have unique programs offered by BAS- Wildlife Sanctuaries and Bird and Butterfly Sanctuaries Membership in these programs gives you the program sign, certificate, Associate Membership and Upland Informer plus all our meetings. However you will not receive Audubon and are not a National Audubon Society member. Why are these programs important? Because they encourage, promote and inform others about your involvement in caring for our natural heritage. To apply for a Wildlife Sanctuary you nust have 20+ acres or a very unique, rare or special natural area that you own and are willing to leave natural for wildlife. It provides food and water, shelter, habitat and nesting sites for birds and other wild creatures. Your property will be assessed by BAS for a flat fee and if the criteria are met, the board will review the assesmnet and application and vote to grant a “Certified BAS Wildlife Sanctuary” to your property. There are no tax breaks nor financial rewards connected with the program but following the “Wise Use Movement” it offers another option and model for landowners who wish to retain their property in an undisturbed natural state. Contact Gene Wilhelm at 724-794-2434 or email Gene Wilhelm for details and an application for this exciting program.

The Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary program evolved for people who have small areas that they wish to plant and maintain to attract Birds and Butterflies. These highly mobile creatures react quickly to environmental changes and are especially suited for small yards, porches or even balconies! The program requests that you plant shrubs, flowers, trees etc.(native vegetations) that supply the various needs of Birds and Butterflies. A fee is assessed for membership and to receive an application please contact Gene Wilhelm at 724-794-2434 or email Gene Wilhelm for details.

“Wings Over Western PA” was devised to encourage and recognize people of all ages and skills who are interested in bird watching and identification. You receive a form to complete with birds you have observed and identified in Western PA and you will then receive a special certificate in accordance with the numbers of species identified at our Annual Awards Night in May. This is an excellent activity to involve children in and introduce them to the beauty and importance of our world.
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